Company Overview

The All India Organisation of Chemists And Druggists also known as AIOCD is the parent body of the organization which was created to realize a long cherished dream; a dream to help citizens of our country by making medicines available at every corner of India at an affordable price. AIOCD the parent, is possibly the largest trade association in the world with 8.5 million members. So it was natural that visionaries in the organization will think of using this huge strength to do something for posterity, something meaningful.

Thus AIOCD PHARMA LIMITED the company was born. Today this young entrant in India's highly competitive pharma space is on the threshold of entering big league with multiple divisions and versatile marketing approach.

AIOCD PHARMA LIMITED has effective operation all over India with wide range of activity in brand marketing, Super specialty & Super distribution.

AIOCD PHARMA LIMITED now has multiple divisions under it's umbrella. They are :

Distribution Division : AIOCD PHARMA LIMITED at Dahisar, Nalasopara provides end-to-end solution to the complex arena of pharmaceutical distribution in India. The ability to reach remotest corners, managing logistics challenges with the help of latest MIS and in-depth understanding of the market makes it an unparalleled distribution set-up. Leading Indian companies and MNCs are among AIOCD PHARMA LIMITED clients and the numbers are steadily increasing.

Super Distribution Pune : Patanjali, Sanofi BI & BSV-TTK across Maharashtra This division distributes across the state of Maharashtra, highly sophisticated medications and antibiotics used in emergencies. Most of the leading companies in that segment are dependent on this division for effective distribution of their products so that critically ill patients get them on time.

International Marketing : The newest among AIOCD PHARMA LIMITED ventures will ensure it's products reach distant shores. This wing is in the process of registering products in Gulf (GCC), African & several affiliated countries. To facilitate registration distribution and marketing full fledged office has been opened in Dubai thru it’s subsidiary PRANIC DRUG STORES LLC. Export of the products will commence soon once the regulatory procedures are completed to we already signed agreements with some of the major indian pharma companies to register, warehousing & marketing of their products in UAE & GCC countries.

This concise overview may not fully encapsulate the profound aspirations and visionary outlook of the esteemed patron members and dedicated managing committee of AIOCD PHARMA LIMITED. Their vision for a healthier India and the aspiration to ensure that no individual in our nation must endure without access to modern medical solutions are indeed formidable commitments for this organization. AIOCD PHARMA LIMITED extends its earnest invitation to all stakeholders within India's burgeoning healthcare sector to join in this shared commitment.

Our Vision

Making pharmaceutical products available at affordable prices at every nooks and corner for the consumption of people of India.

Our Mission

Intends to channelize the entire pharma logistics into organized manner with state of the art processes and systems, which will minimize wastage, optimize operating cost and working capital. As currently, the entire logistics of Pharmaceutical products in India is in an unorganized state. This will eventually benefit Pharmaceutical industry and the trade i.e. distributors and retailer. This synergy will actually benefit in fulfilling central Governments objective of making pharmaceutical products available at affordable prices at every nooks and corner for the consumption of people of India.