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Chairman Aiocd Pharma Limited

“A visionary leader and great humanitarian who dedicated his life to the health care industry to reach pharmaceutical products to the every corner of Indian geography with economical cost”.

He is a founder Chairman of the AIOCD Pharma Limited (Formerly known as ‘Maharashtra Safe Chemists and Distributors Alliance Limited). His vision of building a world class pharmacy logistics chain, offering Storage of Pharmaceutical Products and allied Retailing & Distribution Services inspired him to launch Aiocd Pharma Limited.

The dream of making unorganized chemists and druggists as a organized force under one umbrella and to strengthen them to compete in present pharmacy retail chain, in turn it benefits to the nation by providing quality medicine at an economical way.

The entire industry calls him as “APPA” it is indicates that he is the father of druggists and chemists of India who always work for the benefits of the society or community.

Organizational heights:

  • Chairman Aiocd Pharma Limited (Formerly known as ‘Maharashtra Safe Chemists and Distributors Alliance Limited)
  • President - The All India organization of Chemists and Druggists Associations.
  • President - Shiv Niketan Trust Bhartiya Sainiki Vidyalaya,Khadavali, Dist . Thane.

Some of Milestones :

  • Build the Organizations from Micro to Metro Level. Maharashtra is the only state having Taluka & District Association having modern offices at every district headquarters.
  • Kept tax on medicine at low level of 4%. This was the greatest achievement by which helped the end customer or user of medicine.
  • Convinced state government to keep medicine dealers out of Value Added Tax (VAT) which has been accepted by many states government.
  • Formation of Educational & Welfare Trust of MSCDA to help the chemists and their family in the hour of need. Arranged Monitory help for educational, hospitalization and to fight the Natural or accidental calamities.
  • Promoted and formed Chemists Credit and Capital Societies at the district level to finance small and needy chemists and made them selfsufficient and to promote the spirit of Co-Operation.
  • Announce and implemented computerization of retail medical stores along with the wholesalers and brought them on line to keep inventory and expiry, non-moving items under control. This has already started showing positive results.
  • Conducting continuous educational seminars to upgrade the knowledge of chemists and pharmacists at every nook and corner of India.
  • Established separate account of funds to help the needy people of Maharashtra State who under go natural calamities and to nurture under privileged children in the state.